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Are you getting In the way of marketing results?

By Ian Cantle | President, Chief Marketing Strategist | Outsourced Marketing Inc.

May 28, 2016

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Are you getting in the way of marketing results?  You might be without intending to.

I recently had a discussion with a business owner who said they hate email newsletters so they probably wouldn’t ever do one.  I suggested they rethink this stance as email newsletters, when used as part of an integrated plan, can be a really valuable element.

Two days after having this discussion, I completed a small project with a client to set up a MailChimp account, build out an email newsletter template, connect their CRM with MailChimp, and set up then launch their first newsletter campaign.  For us this was a small project but a big one to the client as they haven’t yet done a lot of marketing. Within two hours of launching their first newsletter I received an email from this client elated that they had received very positive feedback about it as well as a quoting opportunity from a prospective client.

Would they have received these touch points and this potential revenue opportunity without this newsletter? Probably not.  It not only put them in touch with potential clients but it put them top of mind in a professional and valuable way.

In my corporate career in large businesses and now in running two different small businesses I’ve seen it time after time that people are sometimes their own worst enemies for marketing success.  They’ve made up their mind that something won’t work.  They heard that emails don’t work in their industry.  They’ve heard that direct mail, Pay Per Click, social media, promotions, SEO, online directories, referral programs etc. don’t work.  Usually they base this on second hand information, or a one-off non-strategic kick at the can that they tried once.  This is why it’s vital for business leaders to surround themselves with experts who can provide the guidance they need to grow their businesses.

Would the results be the same if our client had built and sent out the email themselves?  In short, no.  We brought our extensive experience in building out countless successful campaigns to this project.  The subject line worked, the email looked great, it had calls to action, it was built on a solid platform, it adhered to CASL rules, and it had extensive tracking built in. It’s not the technical stuff that matters to the client, it’s the relationship building and potential deal that means the most, and having our expertise support their efforts made all the difference.

I’d love to say that this client met with us one day and engaged us the next, but it took months of small steps in relationship building before they were ready to invest.  The same is true in many businesses; it takes time to nurture relationships through The Marketing Hourglass before prospects are ready to move forward.

So what marketing strategies or tactics are you standing in the way of?  How are you getting in the way of marketing results?  I’m not suggesting that you abandon all logic and chase after the closest shiny marketing object, far from it.  But I am telling you that until you’ve looked at what a systematic and integrated approach to marketing can do for your business then you’re shortchanging your potential business growth.

My advice to you?  Get out of your own way.  Hire a marketing consultant or, in the very least, meet a marketing consultant for a free consultation to hear what they have to say about how they can help you reach your business goals.

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About the author

Ian Cantle is the President and Marketing Strategist at Outsourced Marketing. His 20+ years in marketing and communications in a variety of industries have provided him with a unique perspective on what works and what doesn't in marketing. Ian founded Outsourced Marketing to fill a gap in the marketplace between businesses and sound marketing strategies and marketing systems. His goal is to take the mystery out of marketing and show business owners how a systematic approach to their marketing can provide exceptional results while easing the burden on them.

Ian has also co-authored the book 'Content Marketing for Local Search: Create Content that Google Loves & Prospects Devour' that provides local businesses with an unfair competitive advantage, available on Amazon.

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