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Website Design and Website Development

Web Design and Development

There was a time when a website could just look pretty and be basically an online brochure, but those days are long gone.  Everything about the internet, the way search engines work, the way our prospects search, and the technologies that simplify our lives have radically changed, and your website needs to evolve with them.

Our web design and development process is a systematic method of developing not just a website, but a total online presence for your business.  As a strategic marketing agency we have a much broader view of your website than most web designers or development firms.  We not only understand the interconnectedness of every online touchpoint, but we implement solutions in all of these areas every day for our clients.

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A Clear Difference

Our approach to your online presence is radically different than many web designers or web developers.  Over the last five years there has been an online revolution that many businesses have failed to embrace, the integrated and connected nature of everything online.  And more than this is the revolution of how B2B and B2C customers purchasing behaviours have changed.  No longer is a website a standalone presence, but instead it's a component of your overall online presence.  It should be the hub of your online presence, connected and intertwined with all the other platforms where your customers and prospects search for businesses like yours and spend their time consuming content.

Your Total Online Presence

The Diagram below shows how we create a cycle of reinforcement across all your online properties and activities.  Many clients come to us looking for a redesigned or refreshed website but leave something that has a far greater impact on their business.  To learn more about how a Total Online Presence can reshape the way you attract and retain customers online contact us for a FREE CONSULTATION.

Total Online Presence

Not ready for a consultation but want to continue to educate yourself on how to take your website to the next level, not a problem.  Check out our Website Redesign Checklist.  It covers the critical areas your website should include to take it to the next level.  To download this Free checklist simply click on the button below.

What You Get With Our Website Audit

    • Search Engine Ranking (SEO)
    • Usability and Visitor Engagement
    • Call to Actions and Driving Conversion
    • How to leverage content for engagement, conversion, social media and SEO

Website Audit $599

Examples Of Our Website Design & Development

The proof is in the pudding.  The websites we build are online powerhouses that combine great design, powerful SEO and an integrated buyers journey flow that helps guide customers through their buying decision driving them to action.  Check out our portfolio of websites to get a feel for how we deliver excellence in every project.

What You Get With An Outsourced Marketing Website

Every website we develop includes all the good stuff!  We simply know too much about how a great performing website can positively impact the bottom line of our clients' businesses that we can't hold back from giving you the best, most robust, high converting website you deserve.

  • On Brand - Your new website will be on brand, it will incorporate your colours, your logo, your brand message and reinforce who you are and what you do.
  • Ideal Client Centred - The visuals, calls-to-action, and content on your website are all designed to speak specifically to your ideal client.
  • SEO Focused - Your website will incorporate the important elements that search engines look for, with the end goal of helping your pages rank higher on search engines, thus attracting more ideal prospects.
  • Look Great - We believe that your website should speak to the quality of your business and the products and services you offer, and the way you provide them.
  • Buyer Journey - Your website will help your visitors through their buyer journey. It will include key elements that will speak to them at each phase of their journey.
  • Easy to Use & Update - We build websites on the WordPress platform because it’s stable, secure, proven, and is easy to use to make your own changes (if you wish to).
  • Hosting & Security - Our websites include the right kind of hosting that delivers your pages quickly, securely and provides regular backups to keep your investment safe.
  • Calls-To-Action - Having the right calls-to-action (CTA’s) can make the difference between websites that convert and those that don’t. We develop CTA’s that inspire the activity you want visitors to take.
  • Analytics & Reports - You have to measure things to improve them. We set up Google Analytics and automated monthly reporting so you can know what’s happening on your website and make informed decisions.