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Facebook Advertising and Instagram Advertising

Facebook Ads Advertising

For businesses whose target audience is on Facebook, Facebook Ads could offer a boon to your marketing efforts by creating greater exposure with a highly defined audience, increasing engagement, and ultimately driving customers through the buying process.  If you haven't recently explored the latest updates to the Facebook advertising platform, you owe it to yourself to have an expert guide you through the benefits and options

Targeting to the extreme

You probably aren't surprised to learn that Facebook knows a lot about us as users.  From demographic information to relationship status, titles, geographies, schooling, even our interests, even census income information, Facebook retains a lot of data on those active on the platform.  As a business this means that you have an extraordinary opportunity to get your message in front of those who matter most to your business.  

More than just exposure

When Facebook first built the advertising platform it was all about helping businesses get exposure.  However, as the platform has matured Facebook has continued to build out the capabilities and advertising options at your disposal.  Not only can you create great market exposure for your products and services, you can now create smart funnels through custom audiences that delivers escalated messaging to those who interact with your webpages, ads, and Facebook pages.

Facebook Pixel to the rescue

One great aspect of Facebook Ads is how it can now be integrated into your website via the Facebook Pixel.  This small bit of code (similar to a Google Analytics code snippet) allows the Facebook ad platform to gain insights in how your Facebook visitors interact with your website and ultimately how they convert into customers.

How much does Facebook Advertising Cost?

At the present time Facebook Ads are consistently less expensive than other advertising mediums.  This offers a great opportunity to strategically minded businesses who create a smart advertising plan that creates a great funnel, leverages content for engagement, and escalates and nurtures the conversation as visitors increase their engagement.

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