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Our team of marketing experts become an extension of your team.  You get the benefits of our expertise at reduced costs and increased flexibility while achieving your growth goals.

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Online Advertising and PPC

Online Advertising

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We believe that marketing should be easy for you. We're like the duck who looks peaceful on the surface of the water but underneath his feet are working hard to move him across the pond. We keep the reporting transparent and to the point, with key insights in easy to understand English, all while our team is working hard behind the scenes to ensure you are getting the maximum benefit for every dollar spent. 

Online Advertising That Produces Great Results

We don't just throw money at advertising — we first consult with you to ensure you're targeting the right audiences in the right channels. There are several different options available to you for online advertising and we'll help navigate those by providing our recommendations to you.

Online Advertising Options

To learn more about the different online marketing options available to you, click on a link in the list below:

Google PPC Advertising Hero

Google PPC is a fantastic option for competitive advertising. It captures leads who have qualified themselves by how they search for your product or service.
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Facebook Advertising Hero

If your target customers are on Facebook and/or Instagram (which most are), it's a fantastic platform for demographic targeting of ads.
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Remarketing Retargeting Hero

Continuing to stay top-of-mind is vital during your target customers' buying journey. Remarketing is an exceptional way to do this. Learn more...
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Ian Cantle | President & Chief Marketing Strategist | Outsourced Marketing Inc.

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