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Google Ads PPC Services – Google Pay-Per-Click

Google Ads Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Are you looking for Google Pay-Per-Click services that help you achieve your sales goals?  Pay-Per-Click advertising is, as the name suggests, a form of advertising where you pay when someone clicks on your ad. It can be used to immediately drive targeted traffic to your website, and you can also choose to serve these ads to specific geographic locations – by country, state/province, city, or zip/postal code.

An integrated approach to Google Ads PPC

We don't create PPC plans in a vacuum, we take a proven holistic marketing approach that reaps huge rewards for the businesses that employ it.

When implemented properly PPC has the power to substantially improve your SEO strategy. Let's take a look at how you can use PPC and SEO together, when formulating the most powerful kind of integrated online marketing strategy.

Testing pages before ranking them

As mentioned earlier, SEO can take a while in terms of establishing itself as a viable traffic source. Organic ranking can take up to six months to establish results.

You might spend all of your time improving the rankings of a page, only to find that it doesn’t convert website visitors into customers. This is why SEO is an ongoing process to keep up with Google ranking algorithm updates (yes, Google is constantly changing their organic ranking formula) and conversion optimization, which involves tweaking your web pages to ensure they are triggering the desired call to action.

Google Ads PPC is a great tool for refining and optimizing all of the above.

By testing a page with Google Ads PPC ahead of time, we can determine whether a certain page is performing as desired.

If the page is not achieving the results we need, we can adjust the search engine optimization strategy and tactics accordingly. This testing helps us compress the organic ranking cycle.

Identifying new SEO opportunities

We also leverage PPC to identify new SEO opportunities.

Google, is not only the biggest search engine, it's also the biggest player in PPC advertising. In fact, over 90% of Google revenue comes from AdWords, their pay-per-click advertising platform. As a result, they have the most data in terms of what people are searching for, and what keywords convert well. They offer this data for free within your AdWords user account panel. It’s called the Keyword Planner Tool and its the most powerful tool in all of SEO.

SEO & PPC - The best of both worlds

If you take the time to learn how SEO and PPC work in their own right, you have the opportunity to experience the best of both worlds. PPC can provide you with immediate traffic to your website and inform you of how well certain webpages are performing. The data provided by PPC analytics platforms can also uncover potential SEO opportunities.  You can then use that information to craft a long-term SEO strategy.

A well defined SEO strategy will reduce your need to rely on PPC, while still providing you with significant amounts of traffic that converts into revenue.

By combining the two disciplines of PPC and SEO, you’ll give your business an unfair competitive advantage over your competitors.  And who doesn't want that!

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