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Our team of marketing experts become an extension of your team.  You get the benefits of our expertise at reduced costs and increased flexibility while achieving your growth goals.

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About Us


Our vision for OutsourcedMARKETING is simple…provide exceptional service while helping organizations systematically and strategically implement sound marketing principles that increase sales, retention, referrals and revenue.

Our approach …

We speak in plain, easy to understand terms.
We dispel the mystery and elitism often found in marketing circles.
We hate seeing business people spending their dollars on the latest shiny objects without a strategy.
We are out to change the industry by bringing integrity to an industry where it's sometimes lacking.

We’re down to earth business people who know marketing and want to help others achieve their goals.

We actually like people.
And we really like results.

Let’s get together, grab some Java, and have a conversation. We’d love to hear where your business is at and where you want it to go.


Our mission is to help businesses experience true, lasting ROI for their businesses through effective strategic marketing planning, installation of a marketing system into their business, and the consistent high quality implementation of marketing services.


Ian Cantle | President & Chief Marketing Strategist | Outsourced Marketing Inc.

Ian Cantle
President and Chief Marketing Strategist

In 2015, Ian Cantle left 20 years of national and international corporate marketing experience to start Outsourced Marketing Inc.  Over his career, Ian held marketing leadership roles in numerous and varied industries, including: pharmaceutical marketing, healthcare, hearing aids, audiology, industrial supplies, training services, retail analytics and loyalty programs.

Coming from a highly structured corporate environment embedded the value of processes and systems into Ian's approach.  When starting Outsourced Marketing he knew that to effectively and affordably provide an integrated approach, which is the only way to achieve exponential results in todays complex marketing world, a reproducible marketing system was required.  Having studied a broad range of options and industry leaders he decided instead of reproducing the wheel, that instead he would leverage the proven Duct Tape Marketing System by becoming a certified consultant and coach.   What this means is that every client benefits from years of proven results and a vast network of consultants that continue to refine the system.

Ian is a frequent marketing speaker and enjoys sharing a wealth of knowledge and experience to inform, educate, and entertain his audiences with the goal of helping them overcome their biggest marketing challenges so that they can experience greater profitability and freedom within their business.

Ian has a passion for helping businesses grow and would love to chat with you about how Outsourced Marketing might be a good fit for you.