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7 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Marketing To An Agency

By Ian Cantle | President, Chief Marketing Strategist | Outsourced Marketing Inc.

January 25, 2019

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Marketing continues to get more complex and the speed at which it changes is breathtaking. Hiring a team to do marketing seems like the obvious choice for many business owners, but you have options. More than ever the idea of outsourcing your marketing is a very real option. Here are some key reasons why you should outsource your marketing

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Here’s the 7 Top Reasons You Should Outsource Your Marketing:

  1. You Don’t Have A Handle On Your Online Presence
    • The first big indicator that you need a professional marketer is that you don’t really know how people perceive your brand online.
      Let’s face it, “online” is a big place. You might think of your website as your home base, but you also need to know how your brand is represented overall online.
      A professional marketer will have the tools and expertise to assess your online presence. They can take your brand’s online temperature and then take corrective action to improve the way you’re perceived.
  2. You’re Not Sure How To Allocate Your Marketing Budget
    • If you’re handling your own marketing, you might feel as if you’re shooting in the dark. One week you’re spending on Facebook ads. The next, you’re running a Google AdWords campaign. You’re trying everything and hoping that something will bear fruit.
      A marketing pro will have broad experience and should be able to assess your brand and target audience – and use that assessment to choose the best marketing options. You don’t need a big budget to be successful, but you do need to know how to use it.
  3. Your Marketing Campaigns Aren’t Generating Leads
    • This one should be a no-brainer, yet it’s a common problem for DIY marketers. If your marketing campaigns aren’t bringing you qualified leads, you’re throwing money away.
      Guess what? Your marketing campaign could be well-conceived. Perhaps you’ve created what could be a winning ad but there’s a lot more to lead generation than ad creation. You need to know when, where, and how to display your ad – and who to show it to – if you want to generate leads. A professional marketer will know.
  4. You’re Not Aware of Marketing Trends
    • It can be difficult for entrepreneurs to keep up with what’s happening in marketing. You’ve got other things to do.
      When you outsource your marketing, you’re paying someone whose job it is to know what the latest and greatest marketing trends are. You won’t have to worry about spending on outdated marketing techniques.
      In other words, paying a pro will ensure that your marketing dollar goes further than it would if you tried to handle everything on your own.
  5. You’re Not Testing Your Campaigns
    • Very few people – even marketing professionals – create perfect campaigns on their first try. Marketing is both an art and a science, and in science, testing is essential.
      Many DIY marketers never look at the results of their marketing campaigns. They don’t know which metrics matter – and that means they’re not using their results to tweak their campaigns and improve them.
      Marketing pros understand the value of split testing. Once they launch a campaign, they’ll measure the results and tweak the ad until it’s as good as possible. You might not have the time to do that – and that’s why you need a pro to do it for you.
      Done properly, this kind of meticulous tracking and testing can make a huge difference in your conversions and ultimately, in your bottom line.
  6. You’re Not Making Marketing a Priority
    • Is marketing something you think about every day, or is it an afterthought? For many business owners, they just make time for it when they can.
      The problem with that is marketing should be a priority. It’s the only way you’ll create a strong brand, attract new leads, and convert them into paying customers.
      If you don’t have time to give marketing the attention it deserves, you need to hire someone to do it for you. It’s just that simple.
  7. Quality & effectiveness vs. in-house control
    • An area that business owners often struggle with when deciding whether to outsource or hire in-house is the topic of control. It is true that if you have an in-house marketing coordinator or manager that you can pop by and ask them to do something any time you wish, heck you can even split their tasks with other roles in the business (very common).
      However, what’s missed is that when you hire you will often encounter the following:
      1) Less expertise – Junior or mid-level marketers simply don’t bring the depth of experience of an outsourced team of experts.
      2) You need to hire, manage, and fire them. It adds to your overall management load.
      3) The Strategy Gap. They will look to you for marketing leadership and if they are fairly junior, they will look to you for strategy. If marketing strategy isn’t your area of expertise, then you may have marketing activity happening, but it won’t be strategic and could potentially do more harm than good.

Certifications, Awards, Satisfied Clients

One of the often-overlooked aspects of outsourcing your marketing is that you could be working with top marketers for much less than hiring them. At Outsourced Marketing, we’re continuously upgrading our skills and certifications so that we can deliver excellence each and every day. Here are a few of our badges of authority:

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Ian Cantle is the President and Marketing Strategist at Outsourced Marketing. His 20+ years in marketing and communications in a variety of industries have provided him with a unique perspective on what works and what doesn't in marketing. Ian founded Outsourced Marketing to fill a gap in the marketplace between businesses and sound marketing strategies and marketing systems. His goal is to take the mystery out of marketing and show business owners how a systematic approach to their marketing can provide exceptional results while easing the burden on them.

Ian has also co-authored the book 'Content Marketing for Local Search: Create Content that Google Loves & Prospects Devour' that provides local businesses with an unfair competitive advantage, available on Amazon.

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