November 10


12 Tips For Creating Great Business Videos

By Ian Cantle | President, Chief Marketing Strategist | Outsourced Marketing Inc.

November 10, 2015

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12 Tips For Creating Great Business Videos

So you’re going to create a business video!  Video has great engagement with website visitors.  But your business videos should start with strategy and ensure you’re creating content that your target audience will find useful, educational or entertaining.  Remember marketing is all about building relationships, you are trying to connect with your target audience and move them to the next level of ‘Knowing, Liking, and Trusting’ you, your business and its products and services. Here are some great tips to help ensure the video you produce produces results.


  1. Strategy First: Decide how the video will be used in the overall marketing strategy. Where does it fit in the marketing hourglass (buyers journey).
  2. Purpose: Know what the purpose and goals for this video are.
  3. Know Your Audience: It should go without saying, but any of your marketing efforts should be formed with your ideal client in mind. Know who you’re speaking to and ensure you’re giving them something they value.
  4. Know How Your Audience Searches: Video is very valuable for your SEO, it can help boost your search results. However you must know what your ideal client is searching for and know the keywords and key-phrases they will use to search for your product or service.
  5. Type of Video Content: Decide on what type of video content you’ll produce: Business Intro, Educational, Video FAQ’s, Video SAQ’s (Should Ask Questions), Video Blog, How-To Videos, Video Testimonials, Recordings of live events, Interviews with strategic partners
  6. Format: Determine what format or setting will be used for your videos: Talking Head, Green Screen, Screen Capture, Animation, Kinetic Typography etc…


  1. Key Message: Ensure you know what your key message is for the video. This should be very clear from the work you did in steps 1-4 above.
  2. Tell a Story: Even if you’re creating a business intro video, you can make it engaging by telling the story of the business. Make it engaging; draw the viewer in with anecdotes or good storytelling.
  3. Be Authentic: Don’t try to be something you’re not, the viewer will know. Just be yourself, let the world see who you are or who your company is and what you bring to the table. You’re creating expectations with the viewer so don’t sell them something that’s not real.
  4. Provide Useful Information: Make sure you’re providing information that will be of value to your ideal client. Don’t waste their time – value it.


  1. Hire an Expert: If you can afford it, find a good videographer who can produce a video within your budget that will do your business proud. Not sure how to find a good one; ask other businesses who they’d recommend, research local videographers and review their video samples and ask for references. They will share tips and tricks, which will help you immensely.
  2. Choose the right music: We’ve all seen business videos that are visually stunning but the music just doesn’t add anything…in fact it takes away from the video. Good videographers will help you choose the right music so that it aligns with cuts and adds to the overall tone and voice of the video.

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Photo Attribution: MariettaVideoProductions.com
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Ian Cantle is the President and Marketing Strategist at Outsourced Marketing. His 20+ years in marketing and communications in a variety of industries have provided him with a unique perspective on what works and what doesn't in marketing. Ian founded Outsourced Marketing to fill a gap in the marketplace between businesses and sound marketing strategies and marketing systems. His goal is to take the mystery out of marketing and show business owners how a systematic approach to their marketing can provide exceptional results while easing the burden on them. Ian has also co-authored the book 'Content Marketing for Local Search: Create Content that Google Loves & Prospects Devour' that provides local businesses with an unfair competitive advantage, available on Amazon. Want to discover the Outsourced Marketing difference? Book a free discovery call or call us at 905-251-8178.

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