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Our team of marketing experts become an extension of your team.  You get the benefits of our expertise at reduced costs and increased flexibility while achieving your growth goals.

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OnSite Marketing Workshops

On-Site Marketing Workshops

Many business regardless of how big or how small hit marketing challenges that are difficult to overcome with their own internal resources.  Not only are there the internal politics that can sometimes complicate matters, but many teams lack expertise in critical areas that hinder their efforts.

With an Outsourced Marketing On-Site Workshop our Strategic Marketing Consultants and Coaches will be your 'sherpa guides' to help you reach your objectives.  We're happy to share our vast experience and knowledge with you, but we are also collaborative at the core.  We help draw out the inherent strengths you have within your business and leverage them.  You are the experts in your business and we ensure that your experience isn't overlooked, but instead its employed to overcome your biggest marketing challenges.

You may have unique needs and we're more than happy to chat with you about those and take the time to determine if we can help you overcome them.  However many business struggle with similar marketing issues.  Below is a list of workshops that you may find a perfect fit for you.

Common Workshop Topics

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Systems and How To Implement Them
  • Marketing Plan Development
  • Marketing Calendar Development, including content calendars and social media calendars
  • Marketing Audit and Discovery Session
  • Outsourcing Your Marketing and How To Do It - a viable alternative to hiring
  • Marketing Automation - keeping it simple and effective
  • Branding and Brand Messaging Workshop