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Why You Need A 
Total Online Presence Audit

Are you wondering:

  • Why your prospects aren't finding you on Google?
  • Why your website doesn't generate traffic and leads like you know it should?
  • Why your competitors are showing up in searches for coveted keywords and you're not?

If you answered 'Yes' to any of these questions, you need a Total Online Presence Audit!

It's a challenge for business owners like yourself to take a step back and see the overall picture of your marketing efforts. As a result, you may not be able to pinpoint exactly why your website isn't converting, or why prospects aren't finding you on Google, or why your social media channels aren't attracting or engaging followers.

That's where Outsourced Marketing comes in. With our Total Online Presence Audit, our marketing experts will conduct a comprehensive review of the entire digital presence of your business -- from your website, to SEO and keyword rankings, to social media and content effectiveness. We'll find what's working for you in your current strategy and what isn't working, and then provide you with a detailed roadmap on the improvements you need to make to turn your business into a profitable, lead-generating machine so you can start dominating in your industry.

Bottom line:  You need to know where you stand today before you can make improvements for tomorrow. Our Total Online Presence Audit breaks it all down for you and gives you the jumping-off point you need for crushing success!

What you get with your audit...

Total Online Presence Features

Complete Review Of Your Website
We'll take a deep dive into your website and analyze its functionality and aesthetics to determine what's working well, and where the weak points are.

Analysis Of Your Current SEO
Is your website currently optimized for SEO? Search Engine Optimization is a crucial piece of your overall online presence puzzle -- we'll find out where you have gaps.

Current Keyword Ranking Data
Hand in hand with SEO is finding out where your business ranks in searches for popular keywords within your industry. Are you wondering why your competitors consistently rank higher than you do? We'll tell you.

Analysis Of Your Content Effectiveness
Effective content management is more than just putting out a few blogs and social posts now and then. Followers of your brand expect high quality, consistent content that they find value in spending their time consuming. There's definitely a strategy to it -- we'll break it down and tell you where you're coming up short.

Social Media Presence Review
Similar to a content management strategy, your social media channels require some strategic planning as well. Being active on social media is no longer optional for businesses; customers expect to find you in their online social world. If your business isn't getting noticed on social media, we can tell you why.

ADDED BONUS:  Competitive Landscape Report
Find out how your business stacks up against the top 3 competitors in your industry with our BONUS competitive landscape report. We'll figure out what they're doing that you're not, and how you can leapfrog your brand ahead to dominate in your market.

What you get with our findings...

Total Online Presence Audit Recommendations

Roadmap To Fix Critical Elements
We'll explain in a one-on-one video meeting where your critical issues lie, and how those issues fit into your overall digital presence puzzle.

Overview Of What's Working
When we find elements of your online presence that are working, rest assured we'll tell you. And we'll explain how those elements of success can be used within your overall marketing strategy moving forward.

Highest Priority Elements To Address
Once we discover the areas where your business needs support, we'll break everything down so you know what critical elements to tackle first. With expert professional recommendations guiding your decisions, you can undertake the fixing of those issues methodically -- and successfully.

Recommendations For Optimizing Your Digital Presence
After we finish our comprehensive audit, we'll draw up a list of recommendations for your next best steps. This is where our professional expertise shines -- you will have a clear understanding of exactly what's needed to boost your online presence in order to become a dominating force in your industry.

Plan Of Action For Your Online  Presence Marketing Strategy
Recommendations are nothing without an action plan to set them in motion. The final piece of our report is a detailed plan of action for your business, incorporating all the crucial elements needed for a successful, thriving online presence.

You Get All Of This For Only $799!

Take Your Business To New Heights

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Additionally, we offer “Done For You” options for any recommendations you would like help implementing.


If after we deliver your audit and plan you don’t think you can use this information to dramatically improve your online marketing results, simply ask for a full refund.

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